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Westshore Community Association

It has been two years since we, Rob Bennett and I, stopped the transfer of the lake parcel to the City of Sacrament and with it all of the expenses to fix the deferred maintenance of the parcel.  See the letter My candidacy letter for 2021 Construction defects Ultimately, serving on the board for the … Read more

Breakthrough Sessions

What are they? First off, what brought you here?  What has you seeking support or a “Breakthrough Session”? I have been working with people in a coaching capacity since 2004.  I enjoy assisting people in accomplishing what is important to them. My comments can be a bit cheeky.  It speaks about my playfulness and commitment … Read more

Rick Loek – advocate for the underdog

– For one night only –  You likely remember these – American Express Traveler’s Cheques, don’t leave home without them.  So the story goes. Then imagine you are a family of four traveling across country.  You’ve receive cash and you want to be safe.  You convert the cash to traveler’s cheques – brilliant move.   Further imagine you are … Read more

What is the economic outlook

In this podcast Van Mueller talks about a variety of what is happening.  From the 2.2 trillion dollars to the 3 trillion I was not aware of.  To restaurants not paying their April rent. Van created a distinction, there is only news.  There is no good news or bad news.  It is what you create … Read more

Creating 2020

Mastermind Opportunity I keep looking for how I can share and contribute my skills.  I have many skills and don’t know where to start.  I’ve been on my path since 2003, if not even earlier.  I’ve been developing myself through training at: Landmark Education,   Boy scout’s of America,  Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich mastermind … Read more

Westshore Lake 101

Westshore Lake 101 You searched for this information.  What questions do you have?  Feel free to submit them using the form at the bottom of the page. Frequently asked questions (as of August 2019*): Why can’t I walk all of the way around the lake? Part of the lake path belongs to the residents at … Read more

Westshore HOA 2019 Annual Meeting

Westshore Annual Meeting & Board Election Tuesday, October 22, 2019 @ 530 PM South Natomas Library 2901 Truxel Rd, Sacramento, CA 95833 Opportunities: ·         Have an all homeowner board for the first time ·         Have financial issues managed ·         Manage deferred maintenance ·         Work on years of mismanagement You have two votes: There are several … Read more

Our New Home

We have had to cancel our real estate contract twice!  That’s what is so, so what!  We have entered into a third contract.  This is for a home that is less than one year old.  We will be making final arrangements by the end of this week (July 13, 2018), meaning we will be 100% … Read more