Full Body Meditation

Full Body Meditation Full Body Meditation Disclaimer: Basic concept, if you are actively being treated by a health care provider; consider consulting your healthcare team before introducing guided meditation or hypnotherapy. Here’s a script incorporating a full-body mental scan. There’s a medical citation at the end. — **Opening Relaxation** Close your eyes and take a … Read more

Westshore Community Association

If you are not getting the community’s email blasts, consider emailing Brittany Watts and be added to the list. Brittany.watts@fsresidential.com If you did not receive a ballot or can’t locate yours, also contact Brittany. In 2019, Rob Bennett and I, stopped the transfer of the lake parcel to the City of Sacramento and with it all … Read more

Breakthrough Sessions

What are they? First off, what brought you here?  What has you seeking support or a “Breakthrough Session”? I have been working with people in a coaching capacity since 2004.  I enjoy assisting people in accomplishing what is important to them. My comments can be a bit cheeky.  It speaks about my playfulness and commitment … Read more