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Recovering Software Engineer

I coined a new title and others have been jumping on board. I am a “Recovering Software Engineer!”

I coined this phrase and many have “borrowed” it. In a past life I programmed computers for a living. Now, I use those superb problem solving skills to help people with their financial puzzles…

This page is here basically to allow me to test some of my WordPress templates before I move them to our production servers.

I own many domains and have several that are up and supporting or sharing what we do for our clients.

Our brand is around iXray. With iXray we have retirement, annuities, and there is life insurance in the works.

Additionally, we have Onesta Wealth Management, Calrima and some specialty sites regarding retirement accounts – minimum required distributions and missed required minimum distributions

all about the context we live our lives from
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Richard "Rick" Loek

Elementor #879

For Sale: ’41 Packard Clipper Here is a picture of our ’41 Packard Clipper, which is now for sale for (was $27,950) looking for $18,000-20,000

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Creating 2020

Mastermind Opportunity I keep looking for how I can share and contribute my skills.  I have many skills and don’t know where to start.  I’ve been

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Westshore Lake 101

Westshore Lake 101 Frequently asked questions: Why can’t I walk all of the way around the lake? Part of the lake path belongs to the

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Westshore HOA 2019 Annual Meeting

Westshore Annual Meeting & Board Election Tuesday, October 22, 2019 @ 530 PM South Natomas Library 2901 Truxel Rd, Sacramento, CA 95833 Opportunities: ·         Have

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Our New Home

We have had to cancel our real estate contract twice!  That’s what is so, so what!  We have entered into a third contract.  This is

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