This for me has been the year of synchronicity. That is to begin to notice them. To notice my “higher-self”, “spirit guide”, “God”, “Universal Intelligence” , “Infinite Intelligence”, and a host of other labels.

In March while and Huna I found my gut telling me one thing and I ignored my gut. My gut was right – painfully so.

There have been other events where I ignored my gut with adverse repercussions. 

While at a real estate investing summit we were offered a few properties to consider. Lessons already onboard – I picked one. I was asked, “Why this one?”

My gut says this is the one… After a few minutes I could explain that this attribute and that attribute are why.

This week I was presented with a vote on an issue at my HOA’s board meeting. Without knowing exactly why, I voted “no”.

The next day I could explain why no is the best option.

After explaining that the unconscious mind is in charge, what I say is the unconscious mind is “driving the bus”. For example, I consciously choose to pick up a cup. The unconscious takes over, move the left foot, the right foot, etc. Wrap your hand around the cup… and pick it up.  Who or what told all of those muscles to move?

Now this is the synchronicity – I have been reviewing Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. Today I picked an anonymous, random chapter in Audible. Turns out the chapter’s title is “The Sixth Sense”.

Chapter 13 The Sixth Sense

THE THIRTEENTH STEP to Riches, the final step, is known as the SIXTH SENSE, through which Infinite Intelligence may and will communicate voluntarily, without any effort from or demands by the individual.

Mic drop – synchronicity is alive. My “gut” will be guiding me…