Westshore Community Association

If you are not getting the community’s email blasts, consider emailing Brittany Watts and be added to the list. Brittany.watts@fsresidential.com If you did not receive a ballot or can’t locate yours, also contact Brittany.

In 2019, Rob Bennett and I, stopped the transfer of the lake parcel to the City of Sacramento and with it all of the expenses to fix the deferred maintenance of the parcel.  See the letter – click to download or read.

Because of our efforts (Rob, myself and PK), there has been much work done for the benefit of the members of our association, Westshore Community Association (WCA).

  • The Lake Parcel has been thoroughly investigated, from the water loss of 3.5 million gallons per week (read that again). The developer has released updated numbers, the seepage is between 4.2 and 7 million gallons per week, after accounting for evaporation. 
  • The developer controlled board deferred maintenance of the promenade
  • The various “common area” parcels have been audited and we found several parcels that aren’t the responsibility of the association and these have been turned over to the appropriate homeowners (with two more to go).
  • We are not done yet, unfortunately. When I got on the board, it was my desire/promise to clean up the management structure. This has been a much bigger issue than ever expected. We have taken ground and need some more time to wrap this up.
  • Again, because of our tenacious efforts and advocacy, the developer has been working on correcting the issues with the lake parcel. The City now knows it has accountability regarding the parcel and is helping ensure the developer completes this work before the parcel transfers to the City.
  • I request your continued support to wrap up this key work. It was not something I thought was as bad as it is. Once the association is better able to run without such deep and intense oversight.
  • That support comes in the form of your vote(s) to keep me on the board through the completion of these project.

Notice of desire to be candidate – 2023 – click to download or read

John Sanborn’s candidacy statement click to download

Now that the 2023 ballots are out:

I invite you to consider making your votes based on who has accomplished what in this community.

  • John Sanborn has been instrumental at rallying the community around what is called “Parcel D”. A vacant lot at the end of Manera Rica Drive. John organized a community meeting and meetings that included City representatives. John has also been communicating with representatives of the City to address the *excess* dirt the developer deposited on this parcel. The developer’s board members promised to remove this dirt and the City will be key to accomplishing this – thank you John. See the park plan here (link provided by John)
  • PK was able to define a key word in the various lake documents. This word is “maintain”. By getting clarity around this word, “repair” is not the community’s responsibility.
  • You can read what I have been instrumental in accomplishing, listed above.
  • We hosted a “meet the candidates” on Thursday, May 4, 2023. Click here to watch the replay.

I share these points with you to impress upon you that having people who produce results and stand for this community is what is needed.

My candidacy letter for 2021 – click to download or read

Ultimately, serving on the board for the next two years will be very time consuming. It will take dedication to ensure our community’s financial interests are best served. Holding people to account is what I do best – looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack is my given gift. Our HOA’s attorney has been clear – Rick has been the catalyst for locating the various issues the developer (and management company) has created.

You may read more about me and where my “advocacy” training comes from — Hint: Parent of an adult child with special needs.  Https://Loek.com/TheAmazingRick

We hosted a “meet the candidates” on Thursday, May 4, 2023. Click here to watch the replay.