Rick Loek – advocate for the underdog

– For one night only – 

You likely remember these – American Express Traveler’s Cheques, don’t leave home without them.  So the story goes.
Then imagine you are a family of four traveling across country.  You’ve receive cash and you want to be safe.  You convert the cash to traveler’s cheques – brilliant move.  
Further imagine you are in Mountain View, California with your family.  You are at Shoreline Amphitheater to see your daughter’s favorite boy band – the Jonas Brothers.  You have amazing seats, the flight was great.  Your family has done everything right – protected that money, cared for your family and then…the management at Shoreline Amphitheater says the worst thing they possibly could.  “I’m sorry, we don’t accept travelers cheques….”  NO!  
Panic sets in – You have no cash, no credit cards.  All you have are travelers cheques.  What are you to do?
Well, this family of four traveled across country as a Make-a-wish family.  Their escort for the night is yours truly, Rick.  What is Rick to do?  Rick does what Rick does.  He has a conversation with the management at Shoreline Amphitheater explains the situation and makes a request, a powerful, passionate request.
— For one night only — Shoreline Amphitheater accepts at *all* booths Travelers Cheques.
It was an amazing night.  The family is treated to a VIP meet and greet.  Their amazing seats to see the Jonas Brothers are upgraded to backstage passes and front row seats. This family is to want for nothing.  Everything they need or want is covered.  Backstage is not enough – how about a private meet and greet with the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato
Rick did what Rick does best – advocate for the underdog.
Westshore HOA is an underdog – nobody here knew it a year ago, well except for Rick. We’ll be talking more about this over the next many months.
Enjoy a couple of pictures of an amazing family, attached.