Westshore Community Association

Here is the top update for 2024: What if Westshore landscaped everyone’s front yards? My name is Rick Loek and I am the treasurer for Westshore Community Association. My wife and I have been members of this community since August of 2018. Right away I started advocating for this community and working to reign in … Read more

Westshore Community Association

If you are not getting the community’s email blasts, consider emailing Brittany Watts and be added to the list. Brittany.watts@fsresidential.com If you did not receive a ballot or can’t locate yours, also contact Brittany. In 2019, Rob Bennett and I, stopped the transfer of the lake parcel to the City of Sacramento and with it all … Read more

Westshore Lake 101

Westshore Lake 101 You searched for this information.  What questions do you have?  Feel free to submit them using the form at the bottom of the page. Frequently asked questions (as of August 2019*): Why can’t I walk all of the way around the lake? Part of the lake path belongs to the residents at … Read more

Westshore HOA 2019 Annual Meeting

Westshore Annual Meeting & Board Election Tuesday, October 22, 2019 @ 530 PM South Natomas Library 2901 Truxel Rd, Sacramento, CA 95833 Opportunities: ·         Have an all homeowner board for the first time ·         Have financial issues managed ·         Manage deferred maintenance ·         Work on years of mismanagement You have two votes: There are several … Read more