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Westshore Lake 101

Westshore Lake 101

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why can’t I walk all of the way around the lake?
    • Part of the lake path belongs to the residents at Four Seasons, which is a private gated community.
  • To who do I report lake issues?
    • These would be reported to the management company, FirstService at (800) 920-6450
  • Why is the lake a concern?
    • The true expenses of the lake are unknown.  The developer is currently paying them and unable to tell anyone what the current costs are.
  • What will it mean to be financially responsible?
    • Any failure of the lake will be our burden, we must financially plan for all contingencies – before we are responsible. 
  • Who is currently financially responsible for the lake?
    • The Developer, K. Hovnanian.  The developer’s employees have been trying for several months to force the City to accept the lake parcel, which would immediately transfer all financial responsibility to Westshore and Four Seasons Homeowner Associations.
  • Who owns the lake?
    • Ultimately the City of Sacramento will own the lake.  Per our governing documents the lake expenses will be shared by Four Seasons and Westshore on some proportionate basis.
  •  What types of things will the associations be paying for?
    • Maintaining water quality
    • Repairing any leaks in the lake
    • All liability insurance
    • Maintenance of the fountains
    • Maintenance of the aerating system
    • Dredging of the lake, which may happen ever 20 years
    • Funding reserves for long-term issues & maintenance

Westshore HOA 2019 Annual Meeting

Westshore Annual Meeting & Board Election

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 @ 530 PM
South Natomas Library
2901 Truxel Rd, Sacramento, CA 95833


·         Have an all homeowner board for the first time

·         Have financial issues managed

·         Manage deferred maintenance

·         Work on years of mismanagement

You have two votes:

There are several people on the ballot.  If you are looking for support in who to vote for, consider

Vote for our lake committee members:

·         Rick Loek – 408-874-6234 /

·         Rob Bennett

What we need:

·         To collect 452 ballots

Please mail your Ballot this week