The Disappearing Diamond Ring

The Words Exist – a class paper I wrote for a class I took at The Center For Spiritual Learning


This class has been very enjoyable. My journey of transformation and acceptance of God, Spirit and Law has blossomed even more.  The journey is one of mastery – a path, an aim and a stand for my life and the lives of others.

I was recently reminded of something I caused a few years back.  Let me set the scene.  Two of my friends were sharing their home with a third friend of mine.  

Let’s call them Bob, Jane and my third friend Joan.

Joan had an acquaintance, someone she knew through another friend of hers.  Let’s call this person Bonnie.  Bonnie was pregnant, alone and homeless at the time.  Bonnie made a huge ask of Joan – can I stay with you for the weekend?  Joan asked Bob & Jane – they agreed.  They are amazing people that way.

Bonnie stayed in the spare room that was Jane’s prep room – make-up, etc.  Come Sunday morning Jane went into the prep room before heading out.  Her diamond ring was missing.  Needless to say, Bonnie denied taking it. Police were called, nothing could be done.

Joan at the time was working for me.  She arrived in the office and shared what happened.  I sat down with her.  I had one of the most profound conversations of my life.  I told Joan, “The words exist, I know in my heart the words exist…  You need to know in your heart that the words exist.” She looked puzzled.  I further explained that it is her belief that will bring the diamond ring home OR not!

Joan: “Rick, what are the words?”

Rick: “I don’t know. First you *have* to *know* in your heart and in your core that the words exist… Do you understand?”

Joan: “Yes, so you are saying I need to believe and have faith?”

Rick: “Yes, sort of. Know in your heart and in every bit of you soul that you can create and find the words to have that diamond ring return home.”

Joan left the office that day with a deep level of intention, intention to find those words.

A few days later Joan let me know that the missing diamond ring had found its way home. It was put on Bob’s car, inserted between the trim.

To this day, Joan won’t tell me what the words were that caused that ring to come home…