SEO or search engine optimization

This is one of the most tricky subjects in the area of Internet marketing.  Do you do it yourself (DIY), hire someone, ignore it all together or maybe let someone learn their way through at your expense?

DIY – sure you can take this on.  Is it the best use of your time?  Not likely unless SEO is your business.

Hire someone – how?  Tricky here too.  They all sound so knowledgeable.  I hired a guy who had subcontractors.  Not bad, but we did not seem to optimize for terms that mattered or that people were actually working for.  Go with caution.

Let someone learn at your expense?  Maybe a free intern?  Not sure this is good either.  If you make the wrong move you could end up in worse shape.

I was reading this article and thought you might find it useful.

I also know a friend of mine is making a difference with his clients – even signing some very large clients.