Perspective on rocks

Perspectives on life

As I work with people I see perspectives others often miss.  What is a perspective?  Consider this is your view from your vantage point.  Your perspective is impacted or filtered through your life and your life events.

Look at these four pictures – how would you define or describe these images?

Perspective A

Perspective B

Perspective C

Perspective D

It's a rock?

This is clearly a ROCK!  What is all of this about “perspective”?

The exercise is more about beginning to notice you have a view.  Other people have a view too.  This one rock is many things based on each other’s perspectives.

I have used this as a door stop (perspective D).  Some folks see this as a decorative rock (perspective B).  Clearly this is a paperweight (perspective C) and lastly this is simply a rock (perspective A).

What else is this?  When I had this realization, a group of teens had determined rocks are toys.  Toys that they used to throw at cars on a freeway, which ultimately became a murder weapon.

In life, your perspectives are what can get in the way of effective communication.