ADHD – my life, my power

TedxCMU – Stephen Tonti. 2014-11-15 20.41.35

Hello, I’m Rick, Richard or Ricky.  I too have been known as ADHD.  ADHD – my life, my power!  This guy, Stephen Tonti, is able to articulate how wonderful life is when you have a higher ability to focus, rather hyper-focus, on many things at the same time.  However, the other side of it is when something is not exciting, it can be difficult to find the time to complete a task.

Most people would swear at this time in my life I don’t posses ADHD.  Well, guess again.  I simply manage it much better than most.  I embrace my hyper-focus and manage distractions.  I can corral a room full of squirrel chasers.  I can distract the shiny object folks and keep them on task. I can wonder about in a conversation, bring it to conclusion and powerfully make a point.

When I was in school the system drugged me.  Very interesting to hear how this medication was likely the cause of much of my challenges in childhood.  I certainly encourage people to find better ways to manage our ADHD people.  It is a gift – not a problem.

My mother was amazing and my father dealt with my challenges.  They were told by doctors that I’d never amount to much.  Guess the doctor was a fool!

To their surprise I turned my attention to programming computers in my early 20’s.  I used my hyper-focus to my benefit.

In my forties I learned to no longer be annoyed when I lose my train of thought.  At this time in my life I thrive on my 12-16 hour days – sleep is for woosies!  I also thrive on my down time.  Work hard, rest (recover) hard.

I often tell people my extreme nature.  Here is what I say, I can bend over to tie my shoes and forget why I bent over.  Really, pretty close to the reality.

I wonder who else was “labeled” and shelved.  Our school systems can raise us to be strong or stifle us – which do you want for you and your family?

As he mentions Robin Williams at the end of the video – I’m saddened.  Robin suffered without the proper support(s) to thrive.  May he finally rest in peace.

My life is amazing – I invite you to have the same amazing life, through your creation.