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Open Letter – Dropbox was hacked & Pissed

Open Letter – Dropbox was hacked — I’m beyond pissed at Dropbox!  Substantially!  They were hacked in 2012!  They sent out some message implying that as a standard precaution, I should change my password.  Below is my message to their password reset team! Their breach is many times bigger than any previous hack.  Consider this, what… Read More

Dropbox Hacked

Hi rick, We’re reaching out to let you know that if you haven’t updated your Dropbox password since mid-2012, you’ll be prompted to update it the next time you sign in. This is purely a preventative measure, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience. To learn more about why we’re taking this precaution, please visit this… Read More

Volunteering is rewarding

I had a most enjoyable Sunday afternoon – Volunteering is rewarding.  I was able to volunteer at Sunday Friends community program in San Jose.  My friend in Lions put out a request for volunteers.  Volunteers to help staff the AJ Robinson health screening unit our lion’s district owns and operates.  The health screening alone is… Read More

I love the DOL’s new rules

I love the DOL’s new rules

If you have a retirement account  you should pay attention to DOL’s new rules.  Even more specifically, pay attention to how your “financial advisor” responds to this rule. Most “stock brokers” and “insurance agents” have been stomping their feet with anger about this rule becoming a reality.  Why?  It would be, my opinion, that these… Read More

DOL Fiduciary Standard

There is about to be a major shake up in the “financial services” industry.  I’ve been a bit jaded by the stuff I have seen done to people in this industry.  Not done for, clearly done to.  The DOL (Department of Labor) is accountable for all retirement assets.  That means, IRA’s, 401ks, 457 plans, 403bs… Read More

Amazon Refuses to post reviews

Wow… here is the first review, yes a little harsh, but truthful.  Amazon refuses to post my reviews Here is the product they won’t let me review Ignition coil complete set of 6 w/ LIFETIME WARRANTY. When is a LIFETIME WARRANTY not a lifetime warranty? Apparently when you buy from this seller they are not LIFETIME.… Read More