San Jose Homeless camps – creativity is what we need

How can we support the homeless without soliciting their input?
How can we support the homeless without soliciting their input?

A duck walks into a restaurant and asks, “do you serve duck?”

When you read that you don’t instantly yell out, “Ducks don’t talk!”

When someone speak about homeless people – most seem to say this issue is bad, these people need to go!

I say, we, society, need to set aside all that we know and own that we have not been effective.  Sure, we can look at other models or do study after study.  We can create think tanks, we can create a task force, etc.

I say until you have set aside what you know, you will not create a viable solution.

I will continue to invite Sam Liccardo and Dave Cortese to think outside of the box.  For now, it should be very clear that harassing these people is not the solution.

San Jose Homeless camps

Starting from scratch, a clean, slate, an empty binder, with no preconceptions of how to address this situation will yield the very best result.

Let me ask a question.  Are the homeless people citizens?  Are they truly homeless?  Have we revoked their citizenship?  (Sure maybe a small subset is from another country – I’ll give you that).

For now, assume everyone is human, a citizen, and has unalienable rights.

I’m looking to create a new distinction.  What new word can we create for this amazing class or group of people?  The Greeks created citizenship.  I’m curious what we can create that enfolds all of us, especially those we call homeless.

Join me in thinking outside of the box.  Set aside all that you know or think that you know.  Embrace this opportunity to create a solution from scratch.  Not idea is too silly, too bold, or to be discounted.  All ideas will be considered – they must however be respectful of all citizens.