Master Mind group

When looking for ways to help my clients, I chose to embrace creating a mastermind group.  A mastermind group is where people, two or more, get together to review the issues people are facing.  In reviewing these needs we are able to collectively work out solutions.

It is a truly magical process.

Here is a cornerstone document that you can download for free – SELF confidence ST San Jose

In this mastermind group we are learning some of the basic teachings of Napoleon Hill.  Napoleon Hill wrote several books.  The book we are using as the foundation for this is, “Think and Grow Rich.”  This is a legendary book.  Napoleon created or distinguished that there are 13 principles that are essential to success.

In reviewing these principles and building out plans, we are able to cause amazing results for the members of the mastermind group.

The first principle is that of desire.  When your desire turns into a white hot fire of desire, you can accomplish your dreams.

The key to this distinction is not only the white hot desire, but the declaration through affirmation.  That is create your desire and review that desire twice day.  When you are reading you really don’t want to be reading. You want this internalized and you do this by experiencing the emotional state you would have when that result is in hand.

The second principle is faith.  When you are creating faith what you are doing is causing your mind to trust you.  To trust that what you say will happen – will happen!  The first thought you will likely have is a disempowering thought, “ya right, I can’t do that!” or “people will never believe I can accomplish x!”

I invite you to let other people have those thoughts.  Through your master mind alliance you can create anything you can conceive – if you believe!  Believe in yourself.