Looking for support – a car

JimTalk about an adrenaline filled week.  On Sunday, May 10, Mother’s day, my son and I embarked on an adventure.  We toured various homeless camps in San Jose around Capital Expressway and Quimby looking for my brother.  We met several great people who all have the same situation – they are living in the great outdoors.

I asked most, if not all, of the people I met one question.  The question caught these folks off guard.  I preframed the question with, many people are talking about the homeless issue.  They are talking about it as though the problem is that these people are living in our communities.  I have a different view – my view is that society somehow failed the homeless.

In that context, I asked, “What can society do for you or provide for you that would make a difference.  NOT a handout, rather a hand-up.  What would you suggest?”

The responses were varied.  Most were of shock that someone would ask them this provoking question.  The very best response was from Jim, “someone who cares.”  WOW!

We spent the next several hours together with Jim.  He made it his mission, not just my and my son’s mission, to find Randy.

During that three hours Jim realized he does have one need.  That need is a vehicle.  A running vehicle that can get him from handyman job to handyman job.  He says he can make $300 a day if he could solve his transportation issue.

If you have a car that you are willing to donate (tax deductible is an option), please let me know.

– Rick Loek, 408-874-6234