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Richard “The Amazing Rick” ™ Loek

What brings me joy is helping people transform what they may think is impossible to anything is possible. I do this by getting to know people and what is important to them. In this process a deep bond of trust and love is created. People often find themselves saying, “I don’t know why I am telling you this…” Also, as a parent of an adult child with special needs (Aspergers syndrome, and health & behavior issues) I’ve learned more about what it takes to be an advocate than most can imagine. Not to mention as a person who has lived with being Hyperactive and a gift for being distractible…I have taught myself to manage and embrace my gifts. It came to me a while back to add some clarity for you.

I am sharing this moniker, “The AMAZING Rick“, with you not to impress you, I am sharing this with you to impress upon you, I have done my work and continue to do my work. By teaching others my foundation continues to solidify. The moniker came about from clients and friends stating, “You are AMAZING!” A buddy says I am a “square peg in a round hole”. Not nearly as empowering as being AMAZING!

Previous Experience:

I have a diverse background. I developed software where I used my ‘get it done style’ to successfully deliver often difficult (dare I say impossible) projects. I began my transition out of software in the early 2000’s. I own and operate a Registered Investment Advisor Firm, an Insurance Brokerage and a Success Coaching Company.

I served on the Mental Health Board (now called Behavioral Health) in Santa Clara County, California.

In addition to my skillset to create software, I have studied varied systems and processes and leadership as developed by Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey, Ernest Holmes, Dr. Matt James, John C. Maxwell, Milton Erickson, Dan Sullivan of Strategic CoachBrené Brown, Robert T. Kiyosaki, Werner Erhard and Landmark Education (& EST). The last many years have been focused on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), including  Mental & Emotional Release and Hypnosis.

Relevant Education

  • I am a certified trainer and Master Practitioner of: NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Hypnotherapy, and Mental and Emotional Release (MER)®.
  • Integrative NLP Coach
  • Practitioner of Huna, Ancient Hawaiian Energy and Healing arts
  • Retirement Income Certified Professional ®
  • Investment Advisor Representative
  • Member of Ed Slott’s Master Elite IRA group – highly specialized training regarding the complexities of retirement accounts and planning and legacy planning.

Currently, I am developing a curriculum that is all about “money”. “Money: From constrained to unconstrained, have what you want and need in life by removing often-hidden constraints from your view”


I can be reached via email rickloek at gmail or by text/phone four zero eight – eight seven four – six two three four (408..874..6234) 


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