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I love the DOL’s new rules

If you have a retirement account  you should pay attention to DOL’s new rules.  Even more specifically, pay attention to how your “financial advisor” responds to this rule. Most “stock brokers” and “insurance agents” have been stomping their feet with anger about this rule becoming a reality.  Why?  It would be, my opinion, that these…

Living on fixed income

Here is a funny way to reduce your expenses.  I think the author is conservative on the savings. Subject: Fw: Home Security for Seniors Now that I’m on a fixed income, I’ve disconnected my home alarm system. I also decided to turn off my external lights and resigned from Neighborhood Watch. To save money I’ve…

Financial Literacy Mastery Series

April is Financial Literacy month To help our community and meet new people we are hosting Financial Literacy Lunch and Learn meetings.  These are slated for each Thursday in the month of April, 2016.  They courses are free to attend and require an RSVP to attend. We recently realized something amazing to ask everyone, please…

DOL Fiduciary Standard

There is about to be a major shake up in the “financial services” industry.  I’ve been a bit jaded by the stuff I have seen done to people in this industry.  Not done for, clearly done to.  The DOL (Department of Labor) is accountable for all retirement assets.  That means, IRA’s, 401ks, 457 plans, 403bs…

Ambassadors of Hope

Ambassadors of Hope (AHO) Our Dark Knight Media team is very active in promoting and assisting AHO.  Please take some time and review these videos and if you feel aligned with their mission – make a donation, or even better, call them to see how you can be of service. Channel 7 news clip with…

Amazon Refuses to post reviews

Wow… here is the first review, yes a little harsh, but truthful.  Amazon refuses to post my reviews Here is the product they won’t let me review Ignition coil complete set of 6 w/ LIFETIME WARRANTY. When is a LIFETIME WARRANTY not a lifetime warranty? Apparently when you buy from this seller they are not LIFETIME….

Mastery – overcoming fear, letting courage win

Fear – no matter who you are, fear plays a role in our lives.  Overcoming Fear – During this engaging event we will discuss fear and look for its sources. Register for Free! Fear – one of the key components of limiting one’s self.  In this insightful and engaging evening, we will discuss fear and…

Commitment – leadership, a life-long path of mastery

I’m proud to be leading our first conversation of what is possible when you are on a committed path of mastery.  Mastery often includes leadership. This and our three other Mastery Series courses are complementary.  If the course requires a code – email me and I’ll take care of you.  rickloek hat gmail dhot com…

I’m going to get in trouble for this one

I can’t help but share this commercial! ROFL – did you ever wonder where ice cream comes from?  If you ever had wanted to find out this commercial clarifies it completely! Bold, outrageous and very funny! If this interests you: http://SquattyPotty.com – getting glitter in your ice cream?  

Advanced Communication Skills

I spent the last five days with a group of people, including my wife, Mary Lee, in an advanced communication skills course.  The course was led by Dr Matt James of http://NLP.com. During this course I further defined my commitment to exposing the snake oil sales people, specifically those in the area of investments and insurance…

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