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Homeless and someone gave him $100

What would you do with $100?  This will make you tear up – guaranteed! When my son and I set out to find my brother we did not know what we would find or who we would meet.  I promise you we met people with huge hearts just like this man.

What is the cause of addiction

Do you know what is the cause of addiction?  Really?  This article will likely not resonate with what you think you know. This article is an eye opener.  There has been a study about drugs and addiction.  However the subjects used were rats.  This study brings a spin to that study and you’ll be amazed….

Senator Jim Beall

I had the pleasure of listening to State Senator Jim Beall speak at a luncheon in April.  It was interesting to hear some of the initiatives.  If you aren’t aware of who Jim Beall is he is an elected official who has a passion for supporting Mental Health and getting it the funding it truly…

If you really knew me

What people say when they get to know me. I’m not one who walks around gloating.  I’m however proud of who I am and what I accomplish. This is a note from a friend whom I highly respect.

SEO or search engine optimization

This is one of the most tricky subjects in the area of Internet marketing.  Do you do it yourself (DIY), hire someone, ignore it all together or maybe let someone learn their way through at your expense? DIY – sure you can take this on.  Is it the best use of your time?  Not likely…

Stigma – what would you do

As the last couple of weeks have unfolded I’ve seen many aspects of humanness that I’ve not seen or perhaps simply ignored. Stigma – what a sharp and stinging word!  You don’t even know what the stigma is associated with and you already know it hurts.  There is meaning being created.  Or even worse –…

San Jose Homeless camps – creativity is what we need

A duck walks into a restaurant and asks, “do you serve duck?” When you read that you don’t instantly yell out, “Ducks don’t talk!” When someone speak about homeless people – most seem to say this issue is bad, these people need to go! I say, we, society, need to set aside all that we…

Warren Buffett – buying the world a Coke

Something funny for Friday, well at least cute.

Looking for support – a car

Talk about an adrenaline filled week.  On Sunday, May 10, Mother’s day, my son and I embarked on an adventure.  We toured various homeless camps in San Jose around Capital Expressway and Quimby looking for my brother.  We met several great people who all have the same situation – they are living in the great…

I found my brother

The adventure – serendipity typified If I make time to revisit and re-edit this I will.  Until then, allow for spelling or grammar issues.  Enjoy the excitement of taking on finding a needle in the haystack. On Saturday evening, May 9, 2015 I committed to going around East San Jose and visiting various homeless camps….