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Mastery – overcoming fear, letting courage win

Fear – no matter who you are, fear plays a role in our lives.  Overcoming Fear – During this engaging event we will discuss fear and look for its sources. Register for Free! Fear – one of the key components of limiting one’s self.  In this insightful and engaging evening, we will discuss fear and… Read More

I’m going to get in trouble for this one

I can’t help but share this commercial! ROFL – did you ever wonder where ice cream comes from?  If you ever had wanted to find out this commercial clarifies it completely! Bold, outrageous and very funny! If this interests you: – getting glitter in your ice cream?   Read More

Thrive Academy

I’ve known of Jesse I Sharla for a few years now.  Today I received one of their marketing emails.  This one really has my attention and I thought I would share it with you, the rest of the people on the Internet, Facebook, etc. A great system to help business people meet new prospective clients.… Read More

Ruthless Compassion

In 2014 during one of our mastermind meetings I coined the phrase, “Ruthless Compassion.”  I am very committed to being compassionate.  However, being firm or ruthless can seem harsh. Therefore, Ruthless Compassion ™ was born Read More

Set your mind to it

I was a the 21st Century Democratic club meeting on Friday, November 13, 2015.  An amazing conversation about homelessness, the financial impact and what we can do to move about and beyond homelessness.  Jennifer Loving of Destination Home spoke.  Very engaging.  I spoke up that none of the solutions will take three years.  They can… Read More

ADHD – my life, my power

TedxCMU – Stephen Tonti.  Hello, I’m Rick, Richard or Ricky.  I too have been known as ADHD.  ADHD – my life, my power!  This guy, Stephen Tonti, is able to articulate how wonderful life is when you have a higher ability to focus, rather hyper-focus, on many things at the same time.  However, the other… Read More



This is the placeholder for my AARP resources. Please use and share this information with others. I realized after posting this I need to be transparent – AKA no hidden agenda.  I do not receive, nor want, any financial benefit from your checking out these links.  Even if you buy something. Password Testing How strong… Read More